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Roberts & Anderson Equestrian manufacturing bespoke cleaning products for horse, rider, tack and transport. Our cleaning solutions are manufactured in the UK to bespoke formulas which have been designed to provide a deep cleaning action whilst still being safe for use in all applications.

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Roberts & Anderson Equestrian
Roberts & Anderson Equestrian
Roberts & Anderson Equestrian
Roberts & Anderson Equestrian

Who We Are

Roberts & Anderson Equestrian is a bold and forward-thinking UK equestrian cleaning manufacturer founded by James Roberts and Sam Anderson. We create products informed by you, our customers, our friends and global influences, creating an exciting experience that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to address the cleaning challenges faced by everyday equestrians. With fresh new cleaning products and accessories hitting our store quarterly, we’re fierce when it comes to product development. Our brand and the core values ensure we offer the best cleaning solutions from the everyday hacker to the international competing riders.

Customer Results

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Who Loves Us

The product itself worked wonders for removing the horrible stains that Cody had, and I only had to use one application. For his entire neck I used ONE CAP full of the product, a little went such a long way!!


jkp.equestrianInstagram Influencer - Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

Used the lemon and lime shampoo, smelt really nice and made dusty’s tail really super clean and was easy to wash as weren’t “bubbly” so didn’t have to use too much to cover a large surface area!


myponydustyInstagram Influencer - Lemon And Lime Shampoo

Completely wiped out the odour! Very refreshing citrus smell, completely wiped out the odour in my numnah, hat, boots and gloves! Leaves no residue and you only use 1-2 sprays so it will last you FOREVER!!


aj.showjumpingInstagram Influencer - Citrus Odour Remover

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